An Interactive Journal of the Sciences, Philosophy, and Theology

Index of Issues:

Introduction to this Journal : Aim, Editorial Policies, Editorial Staff

Issue One: The End of Science? A Review with Reader's Comments

Issue Two: Life on Mars? Theological Implications and Responses

Issue Three: The Anthropic Principle: Yet Another Version?

Issue Four: Evolution and the Problem of Evil

Issue Five: Can Science Prove There Is a God? -- A Dialogue

Issue Six:  The Jesus of History and the Future of Faith

Issue Seven: Life After Death? Immortality and Evolution

Issue Eight: Cloning, Genetic Engineering, and Population Control

Issue Nine: The Universe, Open or Closed?

Issue Ten : The Future of Sexuality

Issue Eleven: Consilience and the Quest for Ultimate Meaning

Issue Twelve: Faith: Security or Risk?

Issue Thirteen: Darwin and Natural Law

Issue Fourteen: Abortion: Seeking a Sensible Solution

Issue Fifteen: The Creator's Software: Physics & Information Theory

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